About us

What do we do?

Verovita is your basket of nature’s goodies. Here you can find edible mushrooms, fresh berries and wonderful recipes to enjoy them. We are the ones who bring you daily on the table, making sure you get them fresh, only good to eat over.

We care, respect nature, and harvest some of the most precious wealth to make people such as yourself happy every day. We place on your table varieties of mushrooms, berries, and offer you the opportunity to taste nature in the true sense of the word. That’s what we do!

Each of us has a far-reaching and relevant experience in this field. We know everything there is to know in order to give you the intake of vitamins needed for a day with smiles in the healthiest way possible. Mushrooms are some of the most nutritious ingredients, which should not be missing on the table of any Romanian.

At the same time, the fruits are exactly that boost of energy you need. Due to the vitamins and the mix of active substances contained, the berries are the main snacks that should accompany you daily, no matter what you do and where you are. Let’s not forget that they are also well-known and valued for their therapeutic values.

What defines us?

Respect for nature

We value everything nature has to offer, so we respect its every detail.


We want to be much more than your supplier of nature's goodies. We want to be your friend as well.


We know you'll like to have a taste of our products next year as well, so we act sustainably.

Competitive prices

We want to be affordable in terms of prices and offer every Romanian the opportunity to cook healthy.

Senior professionals

We are professionals who know what we're doing. We are all highly experienced in this field.

Passion above experience

Before being professional in the field, we're friends joined by the same passion.

Verovita Family

Meet all the members of the Verovita family. They're the ones who fill your basket with all sorts of goodies.

Tiberiu Lustig

Team Manager

Eusebiu and Veronica Băican

Andrei Doghi

Manager General

Nely Lustig

Mother Vio

Lia Doghi