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Edible Mushrooms

What's more beautiful and natural than to fiddle in nature's own kitchen? How can you better show your appreciation for nature's gifts than by using in recipes the extraordinaire goodies of the earth, the true wealth of this people?
Mushrooms have been harvested in Romania ever since ancient times, representing a source of food and vitamins for hundreds of years. With our help, you can make so that they mean much more than that. Together, we can bring your cuisine to art with the help of various flavours, with 100% natural ingredients and a mix of magic and passion in gastronomy.

We're coming to greet you!

We, the VeroVita House family, can offer you and your family some of the forest's freshest goodies directly to your home: baskets specially prepared for your home or, if you are at the office, berries, fresh berries to give you the daily energy dose you need and to keep your brain healthy, in a 100% natural way. We're here to greet you with these delicacies:





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Mushroom consumption advantages

Mushrooms have two main advantages: great taste and not fattening. They contain no fats, no sugars, no carbohydrates. However, they are an important source of vitamins, which can help you get full without gaining any weight. They provide an important protein supply, so important that some people can successfully replace meat. It is suitable for cooking in any way, both as a basic dish, as well as a mix of salads or side dish. In other words, mushrooms can be served in any course, except for dessert.
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A red fire with an irreplaceable taste, what could it be? Fresh raspberry directly from the heart of the Romanian forests. From where only the wind penetrates gets in and fondles the fruits, whilst spreading their aroma in the mists.


Spread on the table the pleasant taste and fresh aroma of the most loved berries and surprise your dear ones with a fabulous jam. Or enjoy the flavour of a natural cranberry syrup in the company of family and dear friends!


So rare, so good and so perfect to naturally sweeten your day and that of your loved ones. We invite you to taste these love bobbies. Blackberries are the black gold of the Carpathian meadows. You should also have a taste of the real treasure of the berries.

Verovita Family

These are the people who make everything possible, here at Verovita. Through their craftsmanship, respect for nature and its gifts, these people bring you abundance on the table- the freshest berries and a vast range of edible mushrooms at the best prices.

Tiberiu Lustig

Team Manager

Eusebiu and Veronica Băican

Andrei Doghi

Manager General

Nely Lustig

Mother Vio

Lia Doghi