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Rubus Fruticosus

The blackberry or the mountain bush, under popular terms, is a perennial shrub of the Rosaceae family. It is found in forests and mountainous areas, but also in meadows and clearing areas, in the form of spiked shrubs, with irregular branches and spread in groups. The blackberry produces some of the most appreciated fruits with a very strong sweet taste.


Fruits can be harvested from July to October. They are recognized as some of the oldest fruits used in alternative medicine. Blackberries have active principles such as: vitamin C, organic acids, vitamin A and a rich mix of other medicinal substances. The blackberry is a plant originating in the Orient, which has spread over hundreds of years also in North America, North Africa, Europe.


There are over 100 species of blackberry, and its fruits are harvested for various uses. They can be consumed as a real delicacy in natural form or can be processed as natural medicines, teas, infusions and so on.


Rubus Fruticosus is one of the trees that made it into history due to its mention in Hippocrates diaries. This bush has thus been recognized for its benefits in strengthening the human body, ever since ancient times.