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Vaccinium Myrtillus

Blueberry is a bush of the Ericaceae family, found in Europe, northern Asia, North America and Greenland. The fruits produced by blueberries are called blueberries and are the most famous berries. They are recognized worldwide for their benefits. The tannin consistency ensures the blueberries a strong antibacterial activity. These fruits are recommended for diabetics, while from the leaves of the shrub can be prepared famous dietary teas.


Blueberries can be found in the same areas with raspberries, being much more common in brushes and under the shade of trees in the alpine regions. They can be found on cliffs, slopes as well as areas of siliceous soils. Fruits can be harvested using various specialized techniques between the months of July and September. The leaves and branches of this shrub, Vaccinium myrtillus, are also used in various products. Branches and leaves can also be harvested during summer.


They are harvested very intensely, because of the therapeutic benefits and the various uses. They can be used as infusion, juice and mash, or consumed in natural form. Blueberries are among the most well-known fruits, being by far the most recognized berries, due to the active principles they contain: vitamin A and C, organic acids, tannins and many other substances beneficial for the immune system.