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Dark ceps

Dark ceps

Boletus Aerus

Today, this species of ceps is much less common than the cep. It is also known as the as the bronze bolete, and grows only in warm deciduous forests, in small, groups, compact or solitary. It grows under oak, beech or carp trees. The harvesting season for dark ceps lasts from May-June until October.


Since 2007, the Boletus Aerus fungus has been found less and less, and in many countries it has become a protected species. In 2008, the dark cep was named mushroom of the year. Therefore, it is considered to be a superior quality mushroom, quite difficult to obtain, very delicious and with a particular texture.


It is very rich in vitamins and minerals such as: phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium, being easily harvested in soils with Ph – 5,8 – 6,5 – acidic soils. It is a fungus with solid, compact meat, with a full body, bulbous, with a fine texture and a distinct colour of the cap. This is where it gets its name (aereus – copper, brown colour). In countries such as France and Italy it is considered a real delicacy, being quite high priced.


In Moldova, it is listed on the red list, being a protected species. And in some countries the harvest of this type of mushroom is totally forbidden in order not to endanger the species.