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Red pine mushrooms

Red pine mushrooms

Lactarius Deliciosus

One of the most common edible mushrooms, the red pine mushroom is collected from ancient times for its specific taste and delicious cooking. Its popular name, “the forest’s bread” or “God’s bread” is another indication of the fungus ancient uses. It is a fungus species of the Russulaceae family, which grows in coniferous forests, especially under pine and spruce, but can be found also on juniper shrubs. The harvest season starts in July and ends in October.


Carl von Linne is the first to describe the red pine mushrooms as an edible fungus in 1753. However, its use in the kitchen goes back to ancient times. In the Roman city of Herculaneum, there is a fresco that describes the red pine mushroom as one of the most appreciated species of edible fungus.


The meat is compact, tender, and when shred into pieces, it leaks a red-orange juice. The red pine mushroom is delicious and is the star when it comes to mushrooms fried on the grill or in the pan. They are very nurturing and highly appreciated all around the world. The pine red mushrooms can be eaten before maturity, having a stronger taste and a particular flavour.