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Rosa canina

The Rosehip (Rosa Canina) is one of the world’s most famous medicinal herbs. It is native in Europe but can also be found in the Northwest of Africa and Western Asia. It is a shrub with spikes, with falling leaves, and the fruits are red or orange, ellipse shaped.


Rosehips are highly appreciated in natural medicine, the fruits being a real intake of vitamins for the body: vitamin A, B1, C, K, P, E, being especially rich in vitamin C (over 2000mg of vitamin C in 100g of fruit). Rosehips are part of the Rosaceae family, the Rosales genus, and are found in large spreading areas. They can be found on the hills or lower mountain areas, but also in plains. It grows spontaneously, around tree lines or on the roadside, or even in isolated bushes outside the forest.


It is well-known for treating respiratory system diseases (such as chronic tonsils and chronic bronchitis) but can also be used successfully for poisoning and digestive problems. It can be used as tea (it treats fever and intestinal worms) or can be eaten as a dried fruit or seeds (the rosehip seeds tea works very well against kidney and bladder medical affections). Powder as well can be used successfully in the fight against liver diseases.