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Juglans regia

The walnut is a tree of the Juglandaceae family. It is known under the scientific name of Juglans regia, being spread in the temperate continental and Mediterranean areas. The walnut’s origins can be traced in the Balkans, with the largest walnut forests found in Kyrgyzstan. In Europe, it is found in France, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.


Walnuts are well-known as some of the most beneficial fruits. It is used in food and extremely famous in popular medicine. Flowers are also used as an infusion, as a treatment for hair and skin strengthening and healing. Fruits are known for its high intake of vitamin C, A, B1, but also for the 63% fat amount.


Leaves and fruits have therapeutic uses, being used both in classical medicine and in cosmetic treatments. Also, according to popular medicine, walking through a walnut orchard or resting in the shadow of a green walnut can improve colds, as the leaves emanate iodine.


The harvest of walnuts is done in early fall, when the green bark is quite ripe to crack, and one very important thing is that should be harvested only the amount of walnuts that can be processed because they dry out rather quick, losing some of their active principles.